Monday, June 5, 2017

Rule of Thirds and the Golden Spiral

I have not thought about the "rule of thirds" much through the years.  I just try to frame my pictures in ways that are interesting to me.  Then this "Golden Spiral" thingy came out and people are talking about it.  Since I don't like to use rules like these because it twists my brain when you have all this other information you are processing when posing a person, dealing with the sun, (I do outdoor portrait photography mainly with some landscapes.) Dealing with your off camera flash, and or reflectors and such.

I truly think some photographers have an eye for framing their pictures in camera and for them it's natural.  They probably never think about the "RULES".   So are these rules for the Rule of Thirds and the Golden Spiral made to guide people who don't really have an eye for framing a picture?

So I applied both rules to two pictures I did from a shoot and found that the Golden Spiral is very flexible and can probably work on most of my pictures.  I'm a rebel and want to break the rules all the time.  I'm so disappointed to find I fall into using these rules without even thinking about it.

Remember the Rule of Thirds and the Golden Spiral are guides and getting close is acceptable.  I'm not going to get into all the the details you can find that all over the internet.