Sunday, April 6, 2014

Apocalyptic photo shoot and Making a Music Video with the Flying Mammals

Apocalyptic photo shoot and Making a Music Video with the Flying Mammals

Bring your whole family for family pictures, or just get that unique picture to send to family and friends.  Photography experts will be on hand if you want to buy any professional shots.

The music video will be a song from the Flying Mammals:

The photography shoot will be open for anyone. There will be professional photographers from the Coeur d'Alene and Spokane area.  All photographers are welcome to join the event from new to seasoned professionals.  

Sponsors for the event will get credits in the video and on the description in posted pictures from the event.   Sponsors can also send someone in apocalyptic clothing. For example: old, and very dirty clothing with the name of there company or product on it.

Motorbikes and vehicles of the types you would think would be used in a post apocalypse are welcome, please contact if you plane to bring one.

DATE: MAY 31, 2014

Event at:

Based roughly on the Fallout game themes, Cos-play.
Background on what Fallout is about: from

The outfits for this shoot can range from zombie types to just rough dirty clothing that you have been surviving in.  You can be dressed in Post Apocalyptic fashion or in the rags of a mutant, even the clothing you "found" in the remains of an army base.   The vision is up to you.    NO LOADED GUNS!  Please note children may be present dress accordingly and mind your language.

People that wish to be in the video will be selected on their attire.

The video will be shot first thing so if you arrive late you will not be able to get into the video most likely.