Monday, October 28, 2013

Photography shoot with Model Krista Hayes in Manito Park Spokane, WA by the stone bridge

Fun photography shoot with Model Krista Hayes in Manito Park Spokane, WA

The theme was Steampunk and overall between the models it kind of felt like The Wild Wild West movie with Will Smith.

Photography is an art form and many say it should be shot and hardly edited after.  I am not the "purest" photographer and feel creativity plays an important part in creating some photographs.  I normally look at a picture and then decide if it should remain a regular hardly adjusted picture or if I should get all creative on it.   Equipment lighting and such plays a factor in how much editing you may have to do afterwards.  Better equipment less editing.

When shooting for models or companies I of course would include booth or all pictures and let them decide what they like.

At the park a stone bridge made a great background for some shots. The natural lighting was good.

 Here I give it a light old photograph feel, this is a softer feel.

In this edit I give it an older fell using darker colors.  Depending on what emotion you are trying to get depends what you do with the creativity.

I used a Canon EOS 60D with 18to200mm lens
f/4.5 • 1/320 sec. • ISO-2000 • 50mm
No flash or reflector

For more pictures from the shoot click the link

Model Krista Hayes can be found here:
Photography done by Skyline Productions: