Tuesday, April 18, 2017

One Week Posing Workshop • Up your game!

August 7th to the 14th 2017
At: Elwha Dam RV Park, 47 Lower Dam Rd, Port Angeles, Washington 98363

Learn everything from makeup and hair tips to skin care and posing that makes you look great.
Photographers learn what models go through before they show up to a shoot, how to pose them for awesome pictures.
Monica Milem has worked as a fashion model from runways to catalog, from movies/acting rolls to commercials. choreography and dancing competitions. She has been there and done that!
Also with Jake from Skyline Productions. Over 25 years of photography, from film cameras to digital, from wildlife and people in Central to southern Africa to New York.
Benefits will be; being able to pose for just about any type of shoot you do and look amazing. Models will learn what makeup works best and how to prepare for a shoot to look their best. Models and photographers will have amazing pictures for their portfolio. Photographers will be able to pose any client producing photographs that sell.
Everyone will also learn how to endure weather and how to protect themselves and their equipment and still get awesome pictures.
Photographers will also be able to experiment with doing HDR portraits and panoramic portraits.
There will be climbing and walking for a few miles to some locations. If I can do it, so can you.
Food will be made to fit any special dietary need. Food will be up to gourmet and resort standards. Please let up know when you sign up.
If you have a significant other, they are welcome to come along if they help you, food will be extra for them.
Anyone under 18 MUST be accompanied by a legal guardian.
This is for serious models and photographers who want to improve their art.
It will also be a fun time to unwind.
You will need to provide your own transportation to the event
You will have to bring your own tent and sleeping stuff.
You will need quarters for laundry and showers.
If you have an RV or would like an RV spot it will cost extra and needs to be reserved right away. Most camp sites can use extension cords for laptops or charging stuff.
No refunds. We will save a spot in the next workshop if you can't make it for some unforeseen reason.
Documents to be printed filled out and sent to us: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5uFFeqAFIAEcUNYbXJ4TjRRV0U/view?usp=sharing
For more informaation: http://skyline-productions.com/content/august-2017-workshop

From Spokane, WA, Boise, ID, Portland, OR, Las Vegas, NV, to every place in between.  Everyone is welcome to join in. Limited spots, Get your tickets today!