Tuesday, January 12, 2016

pro·gres·sive with Monica

pro·gres·sive photo shoot with Monica Milem

Photography, Creativity, and Art 

Hunger in blues...
Being creative is in my blood.   Using a camera to capture an idea or concept is fun and challenging at times.   It was through this shoot using some glittery sticks we came up with some creative artistic ideas.

Monica Milem is a great model to work with and will almost try anything you put before her.  She comes to the table with many great ideas to add as well.

I admit this picture took a few clicks as we arranged the sticks so they didn't cover her eyes.
I do love the way the sticks created shadows on her face.

Pinctada maxima light...
I do enjoy tweaking the look and feel of many of the pictures I take.  For me photography is an art, many times capturing the main image is just the start of something much more.

Elegant in browns...

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