Friday, June 14, 2013

Idaho Aerial Photography Law... absurd...

Did you know Idaho passed a law on unmanned "drones" that says if I took this aerial shot now I need the owners written permission, the one from the ground is still legal without the owners permission.

I use a quad-copter with a GoPro flying line of sight only.

FYI: If I used an airplane or helicopter with a super zoom lens the aerial is legal.  With today's technology I can get close-ups of people from an airplane or helicopter of them in there backyards and see every detail of what they look like and so on.

The law really was meant to address law enforcement using drones to check out your house and such, "drones" that cost $10,000 and a lot more with cameras that can take close ups from a long ways off.

There are already privacy laws on taking pictures through peoples windows and such.   So basically this is the ignorant politicians trying to make votes from ignorant voters...end of story. 

There is a massive difference between a 13"x13" quad-copter using a GoPro camera that is flow line of sight with a flight time of around 8 to 15 minuets, and drone the size of a small airplane filled with high tech gear flown by someone miles away with super high-tech imaging equipment.  There is also a difference between flying up around 100' to take pictures for real estate and trying to spy on people in there homes.  The politicians should educate themselves then the public not constantly try to use fear to get noticed for votes.

Just a note, the GoPro on a quad-copter would have to be much closer to get such a good picture of the sunbathers.